You think your cat loves you

Why we love dogs is obvious. They show their love by jumping into our arms, licking our faces, wagging their tails, and scrunching their eyebrows and wailing like babies when ignored.

Attachments arise during a key but brief developmental period. Cats who lack human touch during brain development are more resistant to humans. Wild cats' essential developmental window lasts two weeks.

"A very basic feature of both cats and dogs is that, without any formal training, they very quickly learn the main rules of that particular human family or group,"

Cats notice human voice tone. Charlotte de Mouzon and her Paris Nanterre University colleagues found that many people spoke to their cats like babies. She invited owners to speak normally and in the high-pitched baby voice

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Many cats are finicky. However, as in any meaningful relationship, placing ourselves in our feline friends' shoes could alleviate many problems. New research reveals cats care about us. They just express it differently.

Sometimes they just need space. Cats prefer "low intensity" but regular social contacts over marathon cuddling sessions, unlike dogs. Humans also pet in unpleasant locations below the neck.

"Letting a cat approach you instead of approaching the cat has been demonstrated to improve and lengthen cat-human interactions. Most people assume, 'I adore cats, thus I'll pick up the cat

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