Yams are tubular Dioscorea vegetables. Yams are firm, nutritious bulbiferous vegetables.

Yams have dark-brown skin and yellow, purple, white, or pink pulp when mature. They resemble tubular sweet potatoes but are different.

Yams are hard to cut and cook due to their stoniness. Yams contain irritants, so boil them in lemon, vinegar, or tamarind before eating.

Dip yams in water before cooking since they oxidize and discolor readily.

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Fibers and resistant starch in yams benefit gastric health and gut microorganisms. Yams lower appetite, aiding weight loss.

Yams are rich in vitamin B5, thiamine, folate, and C, which strengthen immunity and promote growth and bone development.

Yams contain manganese, magnesium, and potassium, which are good for bones, cholesterol, and heart health.

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