Why Do Kittens Meow?

A meow is more than just a noise made by cats; it's a language all its own.

Cats make a sound that's kind of like a meow but longer and hoarser while they're talking to each other.

"Cats will meow or chirp to say 'hello' or 'I am here,'" as the saying goes. It is normal for cats to meow and surround a newcomer's feet when they enter a home or room for the first time.

Cats often meow because they want attention. According to the author, "many cats will meow to us when we come home—to greet us, to get our attention, to play, or to remind us that it is dinnertime and they are ready to eat,"

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When in distress, cats may make a variety of sounds to notify those around them and hopefully elicit some kind of response from them.

Because cats are so excellent at disguising their symptoms, it's important to have your veterinarian check them out if you detect any changes in their meow.

Disorientation, confusion, and irritability are among symptoms of feline cognitive dysfunction syndrome, as is an increase in vocalization

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