Top grey cat breeds

Chartreux, a rare kind of cat, in the mid-late 1500s. Folklore says these gigantic grey cats came from Syria's mountains and become feral throughout eastern and southern Europe

Korats' long legs and tails extend into the sky, representing their hopes and wishes for the world. Korats, one of the oldest and most continuous cat breeds

The Nebelung resembles the Maine Coon with its long bodies, striking eyes, and unique fur. With a less stunning mane and silkier hair, these cats virtually resemble a Russian blue with long hair, which is good!

The Maine Coon comes from Maine, USA. They are among the world's largest and most popular domestic cats. The Maine Coon is a popular and unusual cat breed on social networking.

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Persian cats with tortoiseshell coats of grey, brown, and red are fascinating to watch. These Persian beauties are named after their homeland.

Scottish folds, known for their folded-forward ears, are among the best grey cats. The Scottish fold has a DNA mutation that impairs cartilage, causing their ears to flop down across their faces.

The British shorthair is the best grey cat breed and one of the best cat breeds overall. This furry cat arrived in the UK thousands of years ago during the Roman conquests.

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