Top Dog Breeds in the United States

French Bulldogs Non-athletic Less than 28 kilos in weight Intelligent, witty, and flexible

Labrador Team sports 65-80 pounds (male) 55-70 pounds (female) Prompt, Social, and Socially Active

Dogs with golden coats Team sports Body mass index: 55-75 Bright, sociable, and committed

German Shepherds Herding group Body mass index: 50-90 brave, self-assured, and astute

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Poodles (Toy, Miniature, Standard) Group of Non-Sporting Items and Toys 4-6 pounds for toys, 10-15 pounds for miniatures, and 40-70 pounds for Standard poodles Quick-witted, nimble, assured, energetic, proud, and bright

Bulldogs Non-athletic Organization Body mass index: 40-50 pounds Personable, Brave, and Cool

Rottweilers  Working group Weight: 80-135 Caring, confident guardian

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