Top 6 Exercises for Tackling Belly Fat

The jumping jack is a simple plyometric exercise that warms up and burns calories. Speed and rhythm improve jumping jacks' metabolic benefits. 

Sprints involve all-out running for short distances then resting. Maximizing muscular contractions with speed forces your body to use anaerobic energy, not "cardio"

Squats are essential to your training, regardless of equipment. Perform rhythmic bodyweight squats for 30 seconds.

Pushups are in almost every military fitness program for a reason. Pushups work your anterior chain without equipment. Most attention goes to chest and shoulders. 

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Burpees are great for a full-body metabolic blitz without equipment. Burpees work your entire body and boost explosive power.

Last in this belly fat-melting circuit are lunges. You can walk or alternate lunges in place. Place your feet shoulder-width apart.

Six excellent workouts for men to decrease belly fat without equipment. Try each activity for 30 seconds at a moderate tempo.

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