This Is The Rarest Eye Color In The World

Green is the rarest eye color in the world, with only 2% of the world's population sporting green peepers,

Brown is the most frequent eye color worldwide. About 79% of individuals globally have brown eyes,

45% of Americans have brown eyes. According to the AAO, all humans had brown eyes 10,000 years ago.

Not all browns are alike. “Eye color is unique to everyone, and no one brown eye appears like another," adds AAO

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Blue is the second most common eye color, but Doctor thinks it evolved recently. The AAO reports that 27% of Americans have blue eyes

Interestingly, all blue-eyed people share one ancestor. The first baby blues were a genetic fluke that spread

Hazel, a brown-green with golden specks, is the second-rarest eye color. Hazel eyes are found in 18% of Americans and 5% of the world. Violet eyes, however rare, are actually blue light reflecting off the environment.

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