This Is The Rarest Eye Color In The World

A uncommon eye disorder called heterochromia causes multicolored iris. Heterochromia has three types: Central, partial, and complete heterochromia

One pupil is larger than the other in anisocoria. An individual may appear to have two eye colors when they do not.

Pink or Red Eyes Albinism and iris blood leakage cause crimson or pink eyes. Albinism normally causes light blue eyes, however other variants might generate red or pink eyes.

Albinism is required for violet eyes. A gorgeous violet results from a lack of pigment and red light bouncing off ocular blood vessels!

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Grey eyes may sometimes mistaken for light blue. The amount of collagen in the stroma may make these eyes grey instead of blue. Interfering with Rayleigh scattering makes light reflect grey instead of blue.

Green Eyes A burst of lipochrome, minimal melanin, and Rayleigh scattering of light off the yellow stroma can produce different colors of green. Rare, with just 2% of the world having green eyes!

Amber Eyes This gorgeous golden eye color is commonly confused with hazel. Amber eyes are an even dark orangey color, while hazel eyes are brown and green. 

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