The secret to winning your cat's affections

Even though cats have a reputation for being unapproachable, a recent study has shown that with the right approach, you can win over even the most reserved of felines.

When humans used both verbal and visual cues, such as calling the cat's name while extending a hand, the cat replied more swiftly to the humans.

However, when people paid little attention to the animals, the animals displayed signs of irritation and agitation, including wagging their tails.

People, especially those they don't know well, should be encouraged to employ proper visual communicative signs when interacting with cats.

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Domestication has been shown to increase a cat's sensitivity to and understanding of human cues.

Domestication has allowed cats to refine their communication with humans in ways that have ultimately benefited the species as a whole.

The study's findings could be used to inform guidelines on how humans and felines can get along.

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