The most common barkless dog breed

The sloughi is a rare breed of dog that originated from a long line of hounds that stalked their prey in the deserts of North Africa. Sloughis are athletic and slim, with dark, alluring eyes.

Big-boned Bergamasco sheepdogs have broad heads and shaggy coats that develop long mats. Its peaceful, patient attitude stopped sheep from becoming scared and fleeing away in the Alps valleys for decades.

The cirneco comes from Sicily, where 500 B.C. coins depicted dogs. Hunting dogs are good at chasing rabbits and birds. After the breed nearly died out in the 1930s, a Sicilian aristocrat revived it.

Irish-bred Glen of Imaal terriers work quietly. Short and with bending front legs, the terrier pursued badgers and fox and, legend has it, turned spits for open-fire roasting.

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Curly coat, tapering tail, and webbed feet make the Irish water spaniel a strong swimmer. It was bred to recover ducks for hunters. Only when warning, it barks.

A tall dog breed is the Scottish deerhound. The historic breed hunts enormous red deer in the Scottish Highlands. Once, only earls could own one because of its value.

The northern French herding breed shaggy berger picard originated with ninth-century Celts. It is scarce and practically extinct following World War I and II trench combat in Picardy, France.

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