The Meaning of Your Mars Sign

Fire and ambition characterize Aries Mars, the first sign. These people are action-oriented and rarely hesitate.

Taurus Mars is patient. Despite not sprinting like Aries, they are persistent. Their desires will drive them to pursue them at their own speed. 

Ever met someone with infectious excitement and a million ideas? They probably have Gemini Mars.

With Mars in Cancer, emotions rule. Their heart guides their instinctive, protective movement. Though sensitive, this gives them unmatched emotional energy.

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Mars in Leo exudes confidence. These people aspire to attain their goals with style. Prideful and passionate, they add heart to every undertaking.

Mars in Virgo is meticulous. Their goal is perfection in every activity, not spectacular gestures. Practical and meticulous, they use energy efficiently.

Libra Mars wants equilibrium. They work toward harmony diplomatically. They work well together to hear and consider all viewpoints.

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