The best dog breeds for beginners

Bichon Frise are curious and energetic, making them good pets for families and individuals. 

The sweet-natured Cavalier King Charles Spaniel's warm and kind eyes could melt butter, and their frequent demonstrations of love and affection will win parents and children over.

The intelligent Golden Retriever is the classic family dog, friendly and dedicated, and eager to please, making it another of the best dog breeds for first-time owners. 

Pomeranian dogs are vibrant, assertive, and curious despite their little size. Poms, small city dogs, are attentive and smart, learning tricks and games rapidly

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Pugs have won over pet owners worldwide for decades. Charming and naughty, their humorous natures will make you smile, and their willingness to love

Boxers are active, high-energy dogs that want to go on outdoor excursions with you. The breed is loyal, affectionate, intelligent, bright, and silly.

Border Collies are loyal companions. Large and lively, they are genuine people pets with excellent temperament and responsiveness.

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