The 13 finest 2023 cat litter boxes, tested and rated

Litter-Robot 4 is a trustworthy smart machine that self-cleans and alerts you when the waste drawer needs emptying or litter replacement. I

Wide, flat plastic storage containers make great DIY litter boxes and are inexpensive

The So Phresh Disposable Litter Box is a reliable stand-alone box or plastic box liner. With 4.3-inch sides, the dense bagasse box is sustainable and natural. 

Sung thinks most litter boxes are too tiny since they should be 1.5 times the cat's length. At 28 by 22 inches, the Kitty Go Here Jumbo Litter Pan is one of the largest litter boxes we evaluated.

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Petsafe recommends its crystal cat litter and disposable leak-proof litter trays ($70 for three trays and litter). The absorbent, drying litter tracks well but produces little dust.

Modkat's XL Litter Box is our #1 top-entry litter box option due to its higher lid and front and top entries. It suits more cats than conventional top-entry boxes.

the Frisco Extra-Large Hooded Cat Litter Box as the best cat litter box. A roomy 26-by-18-inch inside can be customized for a cat's litter box needs. 

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