Smartest Dog Breeds to Own

Jack Russell Terriers are little balls of energy just bursting to be used in a productive way. Badgers are a walk in the park for these fast and fearless fox hunters. 

These dogs were originally bred in New England and have become a rarity in the present day. They are one of the scarcest American Kennel Club dogs. 

These water dogs were initially used to hunt water game and almost went extinct during the World Wars. They are now considered a rare breed. 

These are very active dogs that crave something to do, so training in agility and obedience that will challenge them mentally is key. 

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they have been utilized in police departments around the world to find criminals, lost children, or confused seniors. No matter how long a task takes them, they won't stop until they find what they're looking for. 

These dogs are actually related to the wild dingos of Australia, since British imports that were supposed to be used for herding on the continent weren't suited to the warm temperatures 

Collies can be trained to herd cattle, sheep, and other livestock, oftentimes, they prefer it! This is not a breed of dog that enjoys lying around lazy. 

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