Simone Biles’s most enduring move was standing up for herself

 Biles couldn't mark herself in the air to land safely because her mind wouldn't cooperate with her limbs mid-competition.

She now boldly discusses her “therapy” and self-care as the foundation of her 35 Olympic and world championship medals in every interview. 

Consider her sport's extraordinarily high physical and emotional pain threshold: Despite a glittering career, a Texas lawmaker dubbed her “a national embarrassment” because she withdrew in Tokyo rather than risk falling on her neck 

After taking time off to heal and organize her wedding to NFL safety Jonathan Owens, she returned. "I was wedded to gymnastics," she told, "but now I care about many things and gymnastics is only a part of my day.

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Before Simone Biles' trickery is impressive, but her execution is unstoppable. She returned to workouts to maintain fit, and her coaches never pressured her to return; new competition leotards just showed up one day., Missouri gymnastics coach judged Simone Biles, Leanne Wong.

She performed her trademark beyond-category writhing moves with hardly a shiver in the four all-around events at the worlds: vault, bars, beam, and floor

She was joined by 24-year-old Brazilian Rebeca Andrade and 21-year-old American Shilese Jones on the podium.

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