Simone Biles Wins Silver in Vault at World Championships Despite Fall

Imone Biles became the most decorated gymnast in history on Friday after winning her sixth world championship all-around title.

Biles nearly won another gold medal in the vault on Saturday after falling on one of her two attempts.

The Yurchenko double pike, currently called the Biles II, was Biles' debut vault. Biles fell after slightly overrotating. She was quick to vault again and landed cleanly.

Two-time world vault champion Simone Biles of the Current Time 0:07 / Duration 4:28

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Before Worlds, Missouri gymnastics coach judged Simone Biles, Leanne Wong.

Biles was second behind Brazil's Rebeca Andrade, who scored 14.750, with an average score of 14.549 between her two vaults.

Biles could accept the half-point deduction without losing her difficulty score advantage entering the competition. Biles finished 0.201 points behind, so it's easy to see how a half-point deduction affected her.

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