Safety tips for outdoor cats on roads

Humans can't see well in the dark, but cats can! Cats are harder to notice in the dark, especially if they run out last minute. Even though your cat is allowed to roam during the day, keep them inside overnight. 

Cats are known for doing what they want, so getting them inside at night may be challenging. Most cats like routines and food. Giving your cat the same evening meal every day creates a habit, and it will learn to come home before night.

The veterinary clinic will scan deceased cats for microchips, allowing you to learn about their condition and go on without wondering where they went.

A breakaway collar can prevent your cat from choking or getting hurt if they try to escape, whether you keep them indoors or outdoors. 

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The best approach to protect your cat from road injuries is to keep them off the road. You can confine your cat indoors, build a ‘catio’, or cat-proof your yard so they can't escape. 

You can feel for a heartbeat by placing two fingers on a cat's chest (just behind the elbow) if they're unconscious. You can also check breathing by placing your palm in front of their nostrils.

No paramedics or ambulances are available for cats, so you'll have to transport them to get them treatment.

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