Oldest cat breeds

Ragdoll cats are calm, quiet, and easygoing, hence their name. They'll follow you around or hop on your lap for a snuggle, but they're not demanding and good with kids. 

These calm cats survive 11-13 years, but often longer. Watch careful for heart and kidney disease. 

The long-haired Balinese resembles the Siamese. Slender and graceful, they're lively and communicative. When decorating, remember that this breed likes to jump and be high.

Outgoing cats want attention yet are friendly and affectionate. The normal lifespan is 9-13 years, however they often live 22. Though healthy, they can develop eye, asthma, and liver concerns.

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The fluffy Persian is calm and sweet-tempered and wants a tranquil, dignified life. If you and your children are kind and quiet, they'll like being caressed on your lap

Long, dense fur requires daily care. Persians typically live 12-15 years. Keeping a watch out for eye, heart, lung, and tooth concerns can extend their lifespan to 20 years.

Known for its furlessness, the Sphynx is a playful, active cat. The breed is friendly and communicative. They will follow you seeking attention and entertain you with their enormous personalities.

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