Oct. 5 Daily Horoscope: Gemini, Leo, Virgo Exciting Times

 Aries Today's Moon in your third house strengthens relationships with friends and family. With Mercury in a good position, your business will grow via hard work and smart methods.

 Gemini The Moon in your first house encourages confidence. Mercury and Venus are influencing business developments and advances. Do not make snap decisions without consulting your seniors

 Cancer The Moon in your twelfth house promotes legal resolution. Treat business ties carefully; overlooking concerns can strain them. In such cases, careful thought and intelligence will help. 

 Leo, Active engagement in a corporate meeting will help you get an order. Family support is likely for property acquisitions

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 Virgo,The Moon in your tenth house acknowledges your efforts. Mercury's alignment may boost business profitability. Avoid overlooking coworkers who need aid. 

 Libra,The Moon in your ninth house suggests travel concerns. Mercury's influence may cause miscommunications in business talks

Scorpio, The Moon in your eighth house symbolizes property and home concerns. Mercury's position might cause misconceptions in commercial partnerships. Proactivity may lead you into trouble at work. Skip it.

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