Northern Lights Dazzle Across U.S. —And Could Again In These Places Tonight

In various parts of the US, the Northern Lights (aurora borealis) have appeared in stunning displays. 

Usually seen in high-latitude zones like the Arctic and Antarctic, this natural light display has wowed U.S. viewers in unexpected places.

We'll discuss the Northern Lights' magic, science, and recent sightings in the U.S. We will also investigate the possibilities of seeing this amazing event again tonight in certain locations.

Solar charged particles and Earth's atmospheric gases cause the Northern Lights. 

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When these charged particles contact with gases like oxygen and nitrogen, they generate beautiful colors, lighting up the night sky.

Green and pink are the most popular colors, but red, purple, blue, and yellow can also paint an ethereal sky.

These unexpected sightings have amazed scientists and stargazers, demonstrating nature's surprising splendor.

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