Need a solution to your cat's destructive scratching?

"We want to give cats appropriate outlets for scratching,". "Give your cat plenty of appropriate scratching spots with different surfaces and textures. Scratcher shapes, sizes, and materials vary." 

Use your cat's behavior to choose a scratcher. Examine your cat's scratches. Is horizontal? Vertical? What substrate is it most like? Cardboard? Wood? Sisal rope? 

they stretch or itch when they wake up. When stressed, cats scratch to relieve tension. Put scratchers everywhere your kitties will enjoy them."

Holding your cat close to the scratching post and dragging its claws across it is cruel. Both humans and felines dislike being coerced. If your cat is easily frightened, they may learn to avoid using the scratcher altogether

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Instead, encourage your cat to scratch in the places you want it to by making those spots more enticing. You can do this by either attaching toys to the scratching post 

You can help your cat associate the scratcher with good things by feeding it goodies and playing with it on or near the scratcher.

The scratching post can be progressively moved to a better spot if your cat uses it regularly. The right scratching devices should be close to your cat's favored scratching spots." 

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