Most Popular Dog Breeds in America

The Labrador Retriever was designed as a companion and working dog. They traditionally worked as fisherman's helpers. They retrieved fish from the cold North Atlantic with nets and ropes.

German Shepherds work well and are smart. Their courage and devotion are unrivaled. Additionally, they excel at practically any skill they're trained in.

Golden Retrievers are great hunters, trackers, drug sniffers, and therapy dogs. They excel in agility and competitive obedience as natural athletes.

Bulldogs were used to herd livestock to market and compete in brutal bull-baiting. They now enjoy kids and are nice friends. These dogs like a short walk and a sofa sleep.

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Beagles are active friends for youngsters and adults. This breed of hounds is happy and playful, but they may be stubborn and require patient, imaginative training.

The most popular toy dog breed in the U.S., the “Yorkie” is loved for its loyalty to parents, elegance, and apartment-friendly nature.

As numerous best-in-show winners demonstrate, poodles are impressive canines. The blue ribbons, stunning hairdos, and regal attitude hide a lovable family dog with an ancient past and numerous talents.

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