How The Caffeine In Matcha Tea Compares To Coffee

Matcha is a tasty substitute, but how do they compare in terms of caffeine?

Matcha has about 70 mg of caffeine per cup, while coffee has 70–150 mg, averaging 100 mg.

While espresso requires less fluid ounces, one shot includes around 64 milligrams due to its concentrated nature. 

Matcha is a good way to reduce caffeine intake. If you didn't want to quit coffee, you could prepare a weaker brew or drink smaller cups to keep it under 70mg, like matcha

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benefits of matcha include antioxidants and better sleep despite the caffeine. Plus, it's tasty, which is crucial if you want to substitute coffee.

Tasting Table included matcha in our list of 20 coffee replacements to start the day, but you should research it before quitting

If you're worried about caffeine, you may look for alternatives to coffee.

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