These Smart Communication Tips Will Bring You Closer To Your Cat

Mercury in Libra encourages you to embrace new adventures and get enthused about the future. Light a yellow candle and slice an orange and strawberry. Before adding water, put the fruit and citrine in a bottle.

Hold the thread above the candles as you repeat your affirmation eleven times. Tie the thread around your right pointer finger when you're ready to make truthful decisions.  

Mercury is in Libra, so think on whether your relationships are in accordance with your spiritual truth and promise to fix anything that needs care. Start by lighting a black-and-white candle and cutting white thread.

Focus on wealth creation and attraction when Mercury enters Libra. Start by planting your written assertion under a money tree. Affirm while adding coins to the soil and cinnamon for abundance.  

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Make your home more peaceful and happy when Mercury is in Libra. Start with gathering lavender, basil, rosemary, cinnamon sticks, and roses for each family member. 

Mercury in Libra encourages self-care, so slow down and relax. Make peppermint, lavender, and dried orange peel tea. Put your hands over the mug and communicate your intention as the tea steeps.  

Mercury in Libra helps you grasp romantic conversations and make important judgments. Combine almond, lemon verbena, and gardenia essential oils. 

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