Love Like No Other: Why These 12 Dog Breeds Are Amazing

Unique and attractive, Australian Cattle Dogs can work hard. One owner wrote on a forum, “I’ve never met a dog more adept at communicating with humans. 

Border Collies are smart, trainable dogs. These dogs can detect blood sugar to help diabetics. These smart dogs are ideal farm dogs and herders.

These Siberian dogs with enormous white coats are beautiful and distinctive. These wonderful dogs are loud, especially when howling, or talking. 

Not everyone can handle Great Danes, huge dogs. Though strong and rough, these enormous dogs make great house dogs that know when to be wild and calm. 

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German Shorthaired Pointer,GSPs are magnificent dogs with a little bit of everything. Someone says, “I heard someone call the breed the ‘Swiss army knife’ of dogs, and that is spot on for her.

Labradors should be on your favorite dog breed list. Labs act like GSPs—they're a little bit of everything. You may lie on the couch or run with the dog next to you. 

Dogs like the Bernese Moutain dog have huge fur coats. The 120-pound Swiss Alps dog breed. Though high-maintenance, these canines are fantastic family pets due to their lovely personality.

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