The Cutest Dog Breeds That Always Look Like Puppies

Luckily, many dog breeds have gorgeous puppy faces. These puppies always look youthful, 

but pet experts warn caregivers that they need adult care and attention when they grow up.

One of the most popular Toy breeds, the Pomeranian is small but active. Despite their need for socialization and training, this breed makes a charming pet.

“These sweet bundles of fluff will never lose their puppy faces, and the fact that they remain so small surely helps with this," explains dog trainer Jeff Carbridgec

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These little firecrackers, descended from the German Spitz and beloved in the Victorian era, are recognized for their willfulness and loyalty." 

Small dogs have a long history as forever puppies. Carbridge says Ancient Greeks and Romans used them as lapdogs, even naming them Melitaie on vases and murals. 

Long, silky coatings that reach the floor are their signature. People bow to their Maltese because they seem regal. 

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