Least Obedient Dog Breeds Worldwide

Confused by border collies on this list? It's absolutely reasonable. Border collies were never meant to be laid-back pets, despite their endless energy and work ethic. 

After falling in love with a collie's rich fur and lively demeanor, impulse buyers often learn they're in over their heads

 Only when working, border collies are very obedient. If unemployed, they herd everything, including children.

Despite their silly, shaggy appearance, Spanish water dogs are affectionate family dogs. This breed was bred to herd and hunt, and are fiercely protective. 

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Spanish water dogs are small but agile, so they can learn tricks easily. Unfortunately, Spanish water dogs can run rampant if their energy and work ethic aren't channeled.

The Irish wolfhound was first used to rescue riders who had fallen from their horses during battle. They were also bred to hunt dangerous prey such as bears and tigers. 

Irish wolfhounds, sometimes known as gentle giants, stand at a whopping 23.5 inches at the shoulder. They benefit greatly from time spent outdoors and a fence that is high enough

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