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Physical therapy: A physical therapist can assure safe movements, diagnose the source of discomfort, treat it, and teach pet parents how to manage their cat's pain and improve their quality of life. 

TENS reduces post-surgery pain and swelling. In neurological pets, Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES) prevents atrophy, preserves muscle mass, and reduces stiffness.

This underwater treadmill-based physical therapy is more popular with dogs than cats. Dr. Bui claims the water's buoyancy can aid cats with severe arthritis, discomfort, or edema. Some cats like this therapy, but most prefer land-based therapies.

Although difficult, end-of-life care may be the most compassionate option for a pet in chronic, uncontrollable suffering with an end-of-life condition.

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Replace high or top-entry litter boxes with low-entry ones. A lightweight litter substrate can also lessen litter box strain and pain,

Orthopedic beds support your cat by uniformly dispersing its weight, easing pressure on key areas.

“After surgery, keep your cat in a more confined area,” Dr. Silverman suggests. This lets you track their progress and prevents falls on stairs and high surfaces. For some treatments, a room without cat trees and high furniture works.

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