How to Calm a Crying Puppy

Don't ignore your dog in hopes they'll stop weeping on their own or when they grow up. They probably won't.

Your dog picks up on your energy, so if you're stressed, they'll feel it. Don't scold or punish this normal puppy behavior.

Once you know what's bothering your dog, you may eliminate the stimulus and stop the whining. To test if it helps, remove any active triggers like terrifying noises or shadows.

Puppy tears often indicate need. Remember that puppies yelp and complain when they want attention, so feed, warm, safe, and care for them.

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Avoid rewarding weeping for attention. Give your puppy lots of love and attention when they quiet down to reinforce their calmness.

Start crate training early: This is useful for teaching your dog to relax. Don't give in if they complain after you leave.

Give them a method to release their energy: Play, a quick stroll, a fun toy, or positive training can help your puppy calm down and stop crying.

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