How Long Can You Leave Your Dog Home Alone?

Though each dog has different demands, no longer than six to eight hours is typical. They're not like cats, which have litter boxes and can be left alone longer. 

puppy  younger than 12 weeks old, leaving them alone for more than two to three hours is discouraged because they need frequent bathroom breaks, socialization, and consistent training,

Most dogs over a year can stay alone for 6-8 hours. "In general, dogs are pack animals and tend to like to be around their people or other dogs, so it is ideal to not leave them at home alone longer than you have to, especially if they are a single dog 

"Senior dogs may need shorter periods alone, around four to six hours, due to age-related health issues like dementia or urinary or fecal incontinence, or need more comfort and attention,"

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Dr. McMillan advises pet parents to document their pets' anxiety symptoms, such as barking, whining, howling, gnawing, destructive behavior, and house wetting, and when they start and stop.

 Dr. McMillan advises starting in small increments to see how your new dog reacts to being left alone before leaving for long periods.

. This will reveal your dog's past and how they'll react to your absence, as well as any unknown health issues. If they were found as a stray, roaming the streets, or lived their entire existence outside, being inside the house or in a box alone could be stressful.

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