Hilarious Habits Cats Unintentionally Taught People

, the cat would pick up the thrown toy and return it for more play, turning this into retrieve games. To play fetch, the cat now actively brings the toy to the owner. 

Someone who loves cats says they now shuffle around their gloomy home. This is a behavior they developed to avoid stepping on their black cat.

Not many kittens have good boundaries. With their first cat, one user said he would wake the owner up 15–20 minutes early every morning to have breakfast. 

One cat lover claims their long-haired bedmate coughs up hairballs while they sleep. These nightly hairballs have taught them to extend out their hand, catch the vomit and hair, toss it away, wash their hands, and go to bed.

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After years as a side sleeper, another owner who wants to offer their cat everything says they now sleep on their back or stomach. Their cat, “who loves her human bed,” prompted the change.

Many people say their sleeping patterns and postures have changed to suit cats. Another sleeps with their legs “a cat-length apart” to accommodate their cat.

Another cat owner says their cat's fondness of lying on human-covering blankets has made them always sleep with blankets. Even in extreme heat, they must cover the cat so she may sleep on top or she'll become agitated. 

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