Hidden Messages in Your Cat's Tail

Like humans, animals move during sleep. A dog "running" in their sleep like a rabbit likely has been seen. Cats dream and move while sleeping. "Typically, this means an active form of dreaming,"

Possibly the aristocrat tail. A conceited cat doesn't have a straight-up, ceiling-reaching tail. Quite the reverse. "It conveys happiness, confidence, comfort in its surroundings, and a willingness to be friendly and interactive,

Tails that whip side to side like they're sweeping the floor indicate a problem in the cat kingdom. "Rapid whipping back and forth can indicate fear, but also reactivity,"

a slow-moving tail signals intensity and intention for an impending event—pouncing on a toy, chasing a housemate, etc. "It indicates that the cat is preparing to move purposefully." 

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Cats don't want to nap. They attack your face before your alarm for a natural reason: Crepuscular cats are most active at night before morning. That leaves time for other hobbies like cat naps, which they take 12–16 hours a day.

Playtime is allowed if your cat carries its tail high with a question mark-shaped curl or curve. Doctor Mark says "This is a wonderful time for pet owners to engage in interactive play and exercise." "Your cat should respond."

This position sends a clear message from your cat's tail. Straight-down tails warn you or furry opponents to back off. "A low tail usually indicates reactivity, or aggressive mood with similar behavior,"

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