Heart-stealing blue dog breeds

Dogs with blue coats are rare and lovely. They have a silver grey coat with slate or light blue highlights. This can make the dog's coat appear blue in certain lighting.

One of the most popular blue dog breeds is the Australian Cattle Dog, or blue heeler. Their blue coat can be speckled, mottled, or solid, per breed standard.

Kerry Blue Terrier Unlike many other dog breeds, this one has one color. Their blue coat is light gray with blue undertones. After "clearing," the puppies' black coats turn blue at about 1.5 years old.

The AKC breed standard allows the Neapolitan Mastiff's blue coat. You may see black, tawny, and mahogany coats in addition to blue.

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Steel-gray coats with diluted brown or diluted black coats are both acceptable for Weimaraners. Blue Weimaraners, while not conforming to the breed standard, are stunning canines.

Rare and difficult to find blue whippets. The dilute black gene is required for a Whippet to be blue, and even if both parents are blue, their offspring could not share the trait.

Their diluted black coats might sometimes look bluish in Irish Wolfhounds. From afar, they may appear gray, but a closer inspection reveals a bluish tinge

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