Zodiac Signs to Complement and Avoid

Remember that your personality is not restricted to your star sign, therefore don't let your love and admiration for your new partner be ruined by your star sign.

The most popular compatibility method is element: Fire, earth, air, or water signs are always best. Another option is your opposite sign (your half-birthday sign).

Dating an Aries is like dating a powerful fighter. They're happy, playful, and live life fully.

Earth signs like Taurus are sensible, dedicated, amorous, and appreciate luxury.

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Taurus may conflict with Leos and Aquarians. A partnership with either sign can feel like an arm-wrestle because neither signs prefer to budge.

Flexible, impulsive The zodiac's social butterflies, Geminis demand regular stimulation through dialogue and adventure.

Geminis are known for being erratic. Logical Virgo and perceptive Pisces may struggle with Gemini's erratic energy.

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