Evolutionarily ‘Perfect,’ Cats

“Cats have nailed this one thing so well that they all do it and just come up with slightly different sizes,”. “That makes them evolutionary perfection. No need for variety.”

For instance, bears have many kinds and do diverse things, and “they're just ok at all of it,”. Bears are remarkable because of their ecological diversity, whereas cats are exceptional because they lack diversity. 

“They might get bigger or smaller, but they don’t change anything else because they’re doing it right,”. “They’re masters of one, not all-arounders."

They're reptile cats. They vary greatly in size—possibly even more than cats—and are all identical.

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“People ask, ‘What about bats? About rodents? These categories have many species doing various things. I said, ‘Yeah, because they suck.’ They continually attempting new things 

Marsupials have imitated cats. Creodonts, extinct carnivorans, tried to be cats. Weasels have imitated cats,

Various items have attempted to resemble cats, such as mongooses. They occasionally act like cats and can't compete with them. Their time has passed.”

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