Every zodiac sign's worst behaviors

Fire signs are adventurous, brazen, and spicy, yet they burn too brightly and have heated tempers.

Aries struggle with swearing because they want to emphasize. So badly do they want their point through that they sometimes act without thinking.

Leos make a tendency of staying in unhealthy employment or relationships because they dread change.

While Sagittarius are hard workers, they can easily overwork. Impatient, they rush into things and make extra work for themselves when a strategy would have reduced it.

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Air signs are smart, curious, and gregarious, but they're hard to connect with.

Geminis adore gossiping, which can help them tell stories but hurt their relationships. Their phone addiction harms their health and relationships.

Libras thrive on pleasing others, yet this can lead to negative habits when trying to impress. Name-dropping, bragging, and overspending are common.

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