El Niño’s Impact On Northern California: What To Expect This Winter

The northern half of the U.S. may experience milder winters due to the recent El Niño and above-average heat from human-made climate change.

This applies notably to Maine, Washington, and Oregon predictions.

The El Niño weather phenomena may increase rainfall in Florida's wet season, but it may also cause freezes that threaten citrus harvests. Snow may be heavier in western Carolinas.

The latest NOAA estimates could provide short-term reprieve for Americans suffering through summer's heat, but they could hurt retailers counting on a burst of winter clothes and supply purchases

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However, the extra rain suggests plenty of snow for skiing and snowboarding at popular spots.

NOAA models predict a 95% chance of El Niño persisting through winter. El Niño patterns typically lead to milder winters in the Northern U.S., according to NOAA. 

NOAA's Climate Prediction Center predicts a wetter winter in the South, Atlantic coast, and southern New England.

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