El Niño Map Predicts U.S. Winter Weather

Given its likelihood and persistence through the winter, Jonathan Erdman, a senior meteorologist at The Weather Channel, examined snowfall data across the U.S.

During La Niña seasons, when Pacific Ocean temperatures are lower than average, northern states experience more snowfall. In years without either occurrence, eastern states from Missouri to Maryland are snowiest.

A warm winter? What the El Niño strengthening implies for your location How harsh will California's winter be? North-south weather outlook El Niño has happened over 30 occasions since 1901. 

Surface water temperatures are higher than typical, so they evaporate into the Pacific jet stream, which flows near to the equator, adding moisture to weather systems. 

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Due to the phenomena pushing the tropical jet stream farther south than usual, the locations where it meets colder, Arctic air to cause storms and precipitation are lower and farther from northern states, reducing snow and rain.

The Farmers' Almanac predicted blizzards in the Southwest, central, Midwest, and New England in August, citing the El Niño pattern.

The forecast predicted above-normal snowfall in winter-prone areas, defying the El Niño trend. This was due to the polar jet stream reaching further south and the tropical jet stream bringing cold Arctic air to the northernmost states.

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