Eight Signs of Cat Pain

"If your cat is still eating, drinking, and using the litter box but has a very small behavior change, like a change in appetite, I would suggest monitoring them for a week to see if things turn around and go back to norma

Resisting food is a sign of pain in cats, which can be caused by dental, urinary, or cancer issues. Look for additional habits your cat is showing along with appetite loss

Pain makes cats agitated and may attack humans. So if your cat is typically friendly but suddenly hostile, discomfort may be to blame. Instead of their owners, cats may attack other cats or dogs.

Limping is a clear symptom of cat pain since you can see the affected area. Limping always indicates pain.

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If your generally calm cat starts meowing, wailing, or moaning, especially when you touch a location on their body or while they use the litter box, it may be a problem. 

If your cat is usually social and then hides from your family, Dr. Vail-Archer says it may be in pain. Pet parents regard it as one of the most prevalent changes in sick or hurting cats

ays animals' activities change when they're in pain. “Changes can be subtle. A cat that always jumped on the counter won't. Or the cat is less active and playful. We want the cat to stop doing normal things.”

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