Effects of El Nio on the United States

Many have heard that El Niño is approaching, and may be asking why it is important to pay attention.  Why care if the tropical Pacific Ocean warms more than average?

That's thousands of miles from the US mainland.  Research indicates that El Niño can alter precipitation and temperature patterns worldwide, especially in North America

California's 1982/83 and 1997/98 tremendous rainfall, flooding, and landslides. Knowing that El Niño might bring similar torrential rains could be a relief for the region experiencing a terrible drought

wo of the strongest El Niños in the past 60 years had severe repercussions on California, unlike other years. If El Niño develops, what can we expect in the US and when?

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Researchers have found typical repercussions of El Niño by analyzing seasonal climate circumstances in prior years 

“Associated with” does not imply all repercussions occur during every El Niño event

During El Niño episodes, these phenomena occur more frequently than expected by chance, and have occurred in several instances.

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