Each NBA team's worst trade in history

The Nuggets were thrilled to get promising rookie Dunn by trading their 1983 first-round pick. Unfortunately, that pick became Clyde Drexler in 1983 and the rest is history.

Williams had a dismal Mavs career. After three years, the team gave up on Detlef Schrempf since he didn't play.

oth players were effective role players for Boston, so this deal seemed like a steal. They abandoned then-rookie Joe Johnson, who scored over 20,000 NBA points.

After dealing Ben for James Harden, the Nets felt they might revive his career. Simmons' play last season was devastating for the squad. Those off-season workouts from his camp are no longer convincing.

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Vlade wasn't to blame, and he threatened to retire if the Lakers sent him to Charlotte. High schooler Kobe was his trade partner.

Chandler played well in the league and won a title with Dallas in 2011. The Bulls traded Elton Brand, a future franchise player, to the Clippers. Brand became a top 2000s power forward.

The Cavs put all their faith in Miles before the 2002 NBA draft. They traded their established point guard Andre Miller for the high school star.

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