Cutest cat breeds to love

You're not alone in thinking cats are adorable. Photos of the cutest cat breeds are everywhere online.

YouTube users looked for cat videos 55 million times in 2019. Nala, a lovely silver tabby, set a Guinness World Record for most Instagram followers for a cat (4,361,519) in 2020.

Several explanations explain why cats are cute. One is that their enormous, wide eyes and little noses resemble newborns.

Another is that a loving cat purring on our lap is soothing. Whatever the cause, cats have been cute since 10,000BC, when they were domesticated.

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Did you know Maine has a state cat? Yes, the Maine Coon. This handsome cat has thick hair, puffy pants, and a large, tufted tail he can wrap around himself for warmth. 

Maines are likely America's oldest native cat breed. Long, silky hair makes them strokable. They are also one of the world's largest cat breeds, weighing 9–18 pounds, if you want a big, loving pet!

Persians are America's most popular pedigree cat, and we can see why. Persians have calm personalities and lovely, flowing coats that require care!

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