Climate models predict a potential ‘super El Niño’ by year-end

Global climate models predict a likely El Niño later this year, which might lead to catastrophic weather events due to ocean warming in the Pacific.

Some models predict a potential "super El Niño" this year, characterized by high temperatures in the central Pacific region near the equator.

Global temperatures reached record highs in 2016 due to the last intense El Niño and human-caused global warming, causing floods, droughts, and disease outbreaks.

all seven models, including those from UK, Japan, and US agencies, predicted sea surface temperatures exceeding the El Niño threshold by August.

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A 50% likelihood of an El Niño emerging before year's end, according to the bureau.

During El Niños, sea surface temperatures in the central equatorial Pacific rise by at least 0.8C over the long-term normal. Extreme El Niño is characterized by temperatures 2C above average.

We deserve one. The projected El Niños range in size from blockbuster to wimp.

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