12 Smartest Dogs on the Planet

Poodle Don't be fooled by their luxuriant coat—Poodles are smart dogs. They are graceful and thrive in agility, hunting, and show ring because to their quick learning

German Shepherd German Shepherds are smart and diligent, known for their flexibility. They work as police, military, search and rescue, and disability service dogs.

Golden Retriever Golden Retrievers are one of the most popular dog breeds globally due to their intelligence and friendliness. These faithful companions learn obedience and assistance quickly.

Dobermann Doberman Pinschers are strong, loyal, and sensitive to their surroundings. They work as search and rescue and therapy dogs due to their exceptional capacity 

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Labrador Retriever Beyond their beauty, Labrador Retrievers are kind and affectionate. They are receptive, learn rapidly, and can operate as search and rescue, therapy, and service dogs.

Australian Cattle Dog Australian Cattle Dogs are smart and energetic, bred to herd cattle. They like learning new physical skills, making them good friends for busy families.

Papillon Though little, Papillons are intelligent and eager to learn. Papillons are smartest and oldest toy spaniels. They are smart and attractive, making them good agility partners

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