Beautiful Grey Cat Breeds That Will Wow You

American shorthair: Athletic and robust, these cats have a short, dense, "hard" coat. They are nice, calm, and non-clingy cats that get along with older kids and other pets.

The British shorthair is closely similar to the American shorthair, and grey is its most common color in the UK. British shorthairs are calm and affectionate, making good pets.

The chartreux, the French National Cat, is a heavyweight "potato on toothpicks." Muscular cats with primitive bodies and narrow legs. Only blue (grey) models have wooly, medium-length double coats.

Devon rex: huge, bat-like ears, pointed face, triangular head, huge round eyes, lithe physique, curly coat. They are called the "Pixie of the Cat Fancy" because they resemble forest elves.

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Thailand-bred Korats are rare in the U.S. They only have a short blue-grey coat with silver tips. The Korat's glossy coat and emerald green eyes make it a lovely cat

The unusual greyish-blue nebelung is another rare breed. Nebelungs weigh 5–16 pounds and are "semi-foreign" in build. its German name means "creature of the mist" and matches its silvery blue-grey long coat.

Long, thick double coats distinguish the Norwegian forest cat, one of the largest domestic cat breeds. They have lynx-like ears and a neck ruff like wild cats. They are good hunters and climbers and moderately "talkative".

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