Are dogs man's best friends? Do they love us?

When a human and dog have formed a strong link, physical contact between them triggers the production of oxytocin, popularly known as the "love chemical," which has positive effects on both parties' cardiovascular systems. 

Both dogs and humans experience a rise in the "feel good" hormone dopamine and another molecule called endorphins after being petted. 

Dogs thrive on human attention and appreciate it when shown. Petting, scratching, hugging, talking to, and fawning over are all things that some dogs can't live without.

Some people are more independent and chill, and they'll take what you give them, but they might not appreciate as much attention as you'd like to give them.

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various dogs have various affection requirements based on factors like age, breed, and personality. 

While some canines want regular attention in the form of belly rubs and cuddling, others can live with only the occasional pat on the head. 

Cats are known to express their owners devotion, albeit in a more subtle manner.

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