Are Aquarius and Sagittarius compatible?

You could call Aquarius the zodiac's firebrand. Imagine that woman who always has the coolest off-beat looks or your friend who sends you petitions to sign or invites you to town hall meetings

quarians are more humanitarian than Aries or Scorpio, who revolt for thrill or retribution. They need a strong community and believe they can alter things. 

Aquariuses are stubborn, solution-oriented, and determined to improving their communities and promoting their cause. 

Fire signs like Sagittarius need air sign energy like fires need oxygen. These daring adventurers love discovering new things, whether it's a new author or a foreign country. 

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Sagittarians have diverse friends and hobbies because they desire to accomplish everything. They have no filters and will attempt anything. This tendency sometimes gets them in trouble. 

One reason the water carrier and archer get along is that they hate clinginess and boredom. However, any love relationship needs consistency and dedication to progress, which could cause problems for this couple.

These two must remember that closeness requires vulnerability and courage. They may be able to go through their prior relationships without confessing, but for passion to stay, it demands trust, vulnerability, and commitment. 

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