Acclimating Kittens to Your Home Without Damage

Before bringing your kittens home, create a safe, peaceful, and pleasant area. This might be an extra bedroom, bathroom, or giant dog cage

Provide food and water bowls, a litter box, toys, and a comfy bed." Having a separate location for the kitten keeps them

With light caressing through the box or a few minutes of play without distractions, you can bond with them.

Kittens grow confidence with time. They may talk more, come to you, and explore the environment. 

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They may be watching people and no longer hiding when approached. That indicates they're progressing

Once your kittens are comfortable in their designated space, you can gradually introduce them to the rest of your home,

Let them explore one room at a time and supervise to avoid harm. You can let them into additional rooms as they get used to it."

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