8 interesting things about Siamese cats

They're a relic of the past. Siamese cats are said to have originated in Thailand, though this cannot be proven with certainty based on the available historical sources.

Thai royalty dispatched them to the UK.Despite their obvious antiquity, Siamese cats didn't make it out of Thailand and into the West until the 1800s. 

They all have different colored coats. They come in a wide range of coat colors and patterns. Both genetics and environmental factors contribute to this phenomenon.

Classic, Old-style, and Applehead are the three distinct forms of traditional Siamese cats.

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Many Siamese cats historically have deformed features like twisted tails and crossed eyes. Before these traits became stigmatized, they were likely bred out of existence. 

The Siamese cat was a rare and regal breed. Because of their beautiful blue eyes, unique markings, and graceful builds, they were held in high regard in ancient Thai society. 

Lucy Rutherford, received a Siamese cat from the American consul in Bangkok as a gift. The cat was appropriately called "Siam" after its long journey from Thailand to the White House. 

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