8 best cat breeds for first-time owner

Ragdolls are actually a cross between a Persian and a Berman, both of which are fairly laidback cat breeds. Ragdolls are incredibly laidback and affectionate and love a good cuddle. 

The Siamese has an unforgettable voice, with a raspy yowl that can be quite loud - and they aren't afraid to use it. They are very loving but also very persistent, so if they want cuddles 

Maine Coons are as big in size as they are in personality. These giant cats love families and love being around their people. They may be big, but they're gentle giants 

Scottish Folds love to be inside with their owners, and they love affection. They have a cute little chirp that they'll deploy often to maximize their cuddles, and they love being as closest to their humans as possible 

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They aren't very active, so expect small bursts of energy mixed with a ton of lounging. That means that you won't need to spend all of your spare time keeping them busy with playthings. 

Bengals are beautiful cats, and they are as active as they are striking. They are confident, but devoted cats, so they'll be happy to greet people who enter your home.  

Birman cats are kind, affectionate, and mostly quiet. They have a gentle chirping meow, but are often very soft-spoken. They love to relax and are considered incredibly patient 

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